11 April 2007

Is Pelosi's Syria Trip a Felony?

Just a few brief comments about Nancy Pelosi’s ill-conceived trip to Syria. First, the trip was ill-conceived. Syria is a state sponsor of terrorism and I cannot imagine what Nancy Pelosi thought to accomplish there. One cannot negotiate with terrorists and the Syrian regime is certainly made up of terrorists. There is nothing the US can offer Syria. Syria wants the US wiped of the map.

Second, since the president has declared it official policy to isolate Syria, Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to negotiate with the Syrian dictator Assad is a violation of the 200-year old Logan Act, which declares interference with the executive authority in foreign relations a felony. There can be no doubt that Nancy Pelosi committed a felony with her trip to Syria (see this article in the Wall Street Journal).

Third, I agree with Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online that Nancy Pelosi should not be prosecuted for this crime. His assessment that a criminal investigation of the House Speaker would be counterproductive is correct, I believe. Much better to turn the blatant violation of a criminal statute into a public relations triumph. Let’s hope the administration can keep itself to a higher standard than the Democrats who are playing every childish game they know to sabotage the president—regardless the consequences. That’s the kind of destructive policies America does not need.

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