11 July 2007

Branding Conservative Justices as Racists

It is hard to tell whether those who have decried the US Supreme Court decision in Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1 et al.really believe the nonsense they spout or whether they are just playing a disgusting political game. There can be no doubt that the conservative majority restored sanity and justice when they ruled that racial quotas in school admission policies were unconstitutional. After all, if these quotas were written to make sure black students were kept out of high-performing schools, the ACLU would be mounting lawsuits in every court of the land. School segregation, which was racism plain and simple, was ended by the landmark ruling Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. Black students were no longer barred (at least officially) from attending the ‘elite’ schools that racist school boards had manufactured for white kids only.

But all the liberal human rights groups, in particular the NAACP, are now crying foul because the Supreme Court did exactly the same thing as in that 1954 case: declaring that using race as the main factor in assigning students to schools is racism plain and simple. But this time, the conservative majority is made up of racists, who want to turn back the clock to before Brown. Eh, come again? Apparently, there is good racism and bad racism. The ‘bad’ racism is when non-whites are disadvantaged, ‘good’ racism is when whites are disadvantaged. Call me crazy, but I fail to understand this reasoning. Racism is racism is racism, no matter who is being disadvantaged.

The NAACP and other liberal groups are desperately trying to hold on to official, state-sanctioned racism. It would be one thing if it could be demonstrated that the constituency they represent—or purport to represent—benefited from these racist quotas, by improving school performance for African American students. I have yet to see evidence for that proposition. Thus, the love-affair with racist quotas seems to be perpetuated by these liberal groups simply for its own sake. Or is it because propounding the theory that non-whites need to be awarded unreasonable, illogical and unconstitutional advantages over white people is a valuable chip in the high-stakes poker game of liberal politics? Perhaps it is because playing the race card in this way gives them the money, influence, and self-importance they crave.

The idea that inequality for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and other minorities—the existence of which must be acknowledged—can only be remedied by making the white man pay (read: punish) for this state of affairs, is a favorite theory among liberal academics and their followers. The projection of hatred onto those who are not suffering like yourself is a common psychological device. However, in the mumbo-jumbo of liberal, post-rational, pseudo-scientific sociology and economics the same policy of granting special legal rights to the underprivileged becomes endowed with a special grandeur that makes it appear that to deny these rights would be unnatural, racist, and barbaric. This theory can even make it sound logical that white people alive now are morally culpable for the slavery and racism of their long-dead ancestors and should be made to pay for it.

These sentiments are certainly found in the NAACP’s reaction to the Parents Involved ruling. So, have they fallen for this liberal phantasm of reality or are they in on the act? Whatever the answer to this question, they and their ilk can hardly be taken seriously by grown-ups.

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